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Datalogic Powerscan

Datalogic Powerscan
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Rugged Industrial Scanner

Ideal For

  • Warehousing & Outdoor Use
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Package Distribution
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Heavy-Duty Manufacturing



  • QuadraLogic™ II decoding software for superior scanning performance
  • Multi-interface modules provide ultimate flexible connectivity
  • Integrated metal tether hook
  • Programmable scan angle, beeper tone, and volume
  • Field upgradable flash memory
  • Flexible mounting and storage accessories available

A Tough Tool For Your Toughest Jobs

PowerScan®: Setting a New Standard
The PowerScan family of handheld laser bar code scanners has been specifically designed "from the ground up" to meet the demands of industrial users. In this tough environment, the right tool makes all the difference. With a PSC PowerScan scanner on the job, you'll have one of the toughest, most reliable tools around.

You can rely on the PowerScan scanner for fast, accurate bar code reading, from up close to over 60" / 152 cm away. Even labels previously thought to be unreadable can now be read using PSC's superior decoding software, QuadraLogic™ II. The scanner will autodiscriminate all standard bar code symbologies and automatically adjusts to read a wide range of code densities.

Dependable In The Harshest Conditions
Even in the most harsh working environments, you can depend on the PowerScan scanner to keep on working. Designed to meet the most stringent drop specification in the industry, the scanner will withstand multiple 6.5' / 2 m drops to concrete. The PowerScan scanner has a sealing rating of IP54 which means it can withstand intermittant rain showers and keep on working. PowerScan also operates over a wide temperature range from -22° F / -30° C to over 122° F / 50° C.

Built To Stand Up To Abuse
Handheld scanners often are dropped and abused, so this scanner has been designed with high impact-resistant material and incorporates protective rubber cushioning at every point of impact. The frictionless scan mechanism and all internal optical components are shock mounted to maintain precise alignment under high shock loads. The scan window is made of shatter-proof material and is diamond coated to resist scratching. Even the replaceable interface cable is protected with an integrated metal strain relief.

Innovative Host Connectivity
The PowerScan scanner has a broad range of communication options using unique multi-interface modules, which allow for connection to most host computer systems. Our AutoSelect™ feature allows you to quickly move between different hosts and applications by simply changing cables. In addition PowerScan's low current draw, combined with its low power mode, make it ideal for use with battery operated terminals.



PowerScan SR/HD Specifications



  • 2.7 x 4.4 x 7.2" / 6.9 x 11.2 x 18.3 cm


  • Scanner: 9.9 oz. / 280 g without cable



Light source

  • 650nm Visible Laser Diode (VLD)

Scan system

  • Frictionless flexure mechanism


  • 37 scans/sec. nominal

Print contrast ratio

  • 25% minimum


  • ±65°


  • ±55°

Ambient light immunity

  • Artificial light: 1,200 foot candles / 12,900 Lux
  • Sunlight: 8,000 foot candles / 86,100 Lux



Operating voltage

  • 4 VDC to 14 VDC

Operating current – nominal

  • Undecoded: 80mA @ 5 VDC
  • Decoded: 95mA @ 5 VDC

Idling current – low power mode:

  • <50µA @ 5 VDC



Temperature rating

  • Operating: -22° to 122° F / -30° to 50° C
  • Storage: -40° to 158° F / -40° to 70° C


  • 5 to 95% NC

Shock (at 23°C)

  • withstands multiple 6.5' / 2 m drops to concrete


  • meets MIL-STD-810E

Water & Dust

  • IEC529 rating IP54DW

Datalogic Falcon 5500

Datalogic Falcon 5500
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Rugged mobile information collection unit


  • Mobile Hybrid Computer combines bar code and UHF RFID automated data capture technologies
  • UHF RFID supports multiple EPC protocols
  • Tag read rates provide a flexible solution item level inventories or pallet verification
  • Design accommodates future RFID and antenna for tailored applications
  • Standard, Long Range, Advanced Long Range Integrated Laser Scanner and Imager Options
  • Supports Cisco Aironet (802.11b)

On the Reading Edge
The Falcon® 5500 provides a flexible tool that quickly and accurately inventories RFID tagged merchandise at the item level. The device is targeted at specialty retailers implementing new ways of improving the consumer experience through inventory management. Process innovation allows this device to aid in reducing of out-of-stocks, increasing inventory turns, and improving order-fill rates. The Falcon 5500 is a Mobile Hybrid Computer combining bar code and multi protocol UHF RFID data capture capabilities in a flexible wireless device.

Industry mandates have highlighted RFID as a technology that will enable process change. Retailers and Supply Chain facilities expect RFID to reduce of out-of-stocks, increase inventory turns, improve order-fill rates, reduce warehouse operation costs and improve the consumer experience. The Falcon 5500 is the solution to accomplish these goals.

The Falcon 5500 provides a flexible tool that quickly and accurately inventories RFID tagged product at the item, case and pallet level. Read rates of EPC Class 0 tags have been clocked at over 400 tags in 90 seconds or less with better than 99% accuracy. In comparison, this same inventory with bar code would take between 10 and 25 minutes. Performing an inventory at this speed enables frequent and regular inventory collection, increased efficiency at receiving and shipping, and the ability to find misplaced items rapidly.

The Falcon 5500 Mobile Hybrid Computer combines bar code and UHF RFID data capture capabilities in a single device. Co-locating these technologies gives the developer a technology choice dependent on the process, application or environmental needs. The bar code scanner also serves as a back up to dysfunctional RFID tags. The Falcon 5500 uses a multi protocol RFID interrogator. This allows receiving docks with a wide variety of product sources to accept a diverse set of tags customized for the product material or packaging.

As a mobile solution, the Falcon 5500 leverages distributed intelligence to minimize infrastructure costs. The Falcon 5500 encourages innovation and experimentation by providing a tool the user can easily manipulate. The Falcon Software Developers Kit delivers the ability to tailor make applications to new processes.

Features      Benefits
High read rate and accuracy
  • Increased efficiency at receiving and shipping
  • Frequent and regular inventory collection
  • Ability to find misplaced items rapidly
  • Allows customer flexibility in tag purchase decisions
  • Provides a usable tool in a mixed tag environment
Mobile Hybrid Computer
  • Bar code and RFID in the same package serve as mutual back ups
  • Minimizes infrastructure costs while encouraging experimentation

Falcon 5500 Specifications

Read Range

  • 5'

Write Range

  • 6"


  • Length: 9.2" / 23.3 cm
  • Width at display: 3.4” / 8.6 cm
  • Width at grip: 2.5” / 6.4 cm
  • Height at grip: 1.7" / 4.3 cm


  • 43 oz. / 1.22 kg


  • 3.5” active matrix TFT QVGA display
  • 320 x 240, pixels
  • 64K colors


  • Good read LED
  • scan LED


  • 26-Key Standard Alphanumeric, 5 dedicated function keys, 5 shifted, navigation rocker
  • 52-Key Full Alphanumeric, 5 dedicated function keys, 15 shifted, navigation rocker, 5250 support


  • Industrial, polycarbonate/ABS-blend plastic


Temperature Rating

  • Operating: 14° to 122° F / -10° to 50° C
  • Storage: -13° to 158° F / -25° to 70° C


  • 5 to 95% NC


  • Multiple 4.0’ / 1.2m drops to concrete


Intermec CK3R

Intermec CK3R
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Product Overview

  • Rugged - Withstands multiple 1.2m (4ft) drops to concrete across all operating temperature ranges and an IP54 seal rating against rain and dust
  • Scanning - Integrated high motion tolerance 2D area imager supports high-performance, omni-directional scanning
  • Radio - Supports industry standard 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth radio for adaptable communications
  • Battery - Industry-leading battery performance will last a full shift and beyond
  • Processor - Equipped with a power-efficient 1GHz multi-engine Texas Instruments processor, 256MB RAM and 512MB Flash

Optimize your operations into an efficient, automated, and high-performing work environment with the CK3R, the mobile computer you can count on to keep your workers running productively at full speed to deliver enhanced workflow performance.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art power efficient design, the CK3R delivers full-shift battery life - even when running scan- and network-intensive applications and with a purpose-built, slim and lightweight-design, the CK3R is comfortable and easy to use. And with CloneNGo - our breakthrough device provisioning technology - you can greatly simplify and expedite configuration and deployment of your CK3R mobile computers from a single master unit without requiring sophisticated IT support.

Scanning operations are quick and accurate, with integrated high performance area imaging technology pioneered by Intermec. Support for omni-directional scanning and high motion tolerance means your 1D and 2D bar codes can scan correctly the first time, at most angles, even if the code itself is not perfect.

The CK3R is also designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday use with a rugged, laser-etched keypad, a 1.2 meter (4 ft) drop rating to concrete (across all operating temperatures) and an IP54 seal rating against rain, moisture and dust.

Running the latest Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld operating system, the CK3R supports the wide range of enterprise software applications. And the optional Intermec Client Pack, which includes full Terminal Emulation and a lock-down web browser supporting emerging industry standards like HTML5, provides a consistent user interface and common menu structure to ensure that workflow is directed and web access is limited.

Achieving workflow automation has never been easier. The CK3R can be combined with Intermec printers, scanners and service for a proven enterprise business solution to automate your data collection tasks without introducing IT complexity. Put the CK3R to work and unlock the full potential of your operations

Intermec SR31T

Intermec SR31T
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Product Overview

The Intermec SR31T general purpose tethered scanner provides premium performance, durability and ease of use for a wide variety of scan-intensive applications.

  • Fast – Available with the industry's fastest 2D imaging technology for highly responsive, dependable scanning
  • Durable – Tested to withstand sixfoot drops to concrete and rated IP53
  • Easy to Use – Simple to install, with a plug-and-play universal cabling system
  • Adaptable – Can be customized to your environment, with adjustable LED color, beeper tone and vibration setting
  • Ergonomic – Time-tested design is comfortable to hold for extended periods
  • Fit – Complete offering of multi-purpose accessories to suit your environment



The Intermec SR31T sets a new standard for scanning performance, durability, and ease of use among general purpose handheld scanners. With the fastest time-to-read of any scanner in its class, the SR31T is a robust tethered scanning solution for retail, office and light industrial environments.

Gain a Performance Advantage

The SR31T was designed to maximize user productivity. Area imager versions integrate Intermec's EA30 or EA31 imaging engines for a level of scanning speed and responsiveness historically found in only the fastest laser scanners. Extreme motion tolerance (up to 500 in/sec) and omnidirectional reading result in effortless, consistent scanning—at any orientation.

With an uncanny ability to read poorquality codes, the SR31T can help you avoid error-prone manual data input routines. Read codes that are damaged, partially obscured, off-angle, colored, high resolution, or low contrast. And thanks to VESTA, Intermec's patented scanning algorithm, read range is increased by an average of 60 percent when scanning EAN/UPC and Code 39 codes.

Ready for Tomorrow

The SR31T high performance imager was developed to address your scanning needs now and well into the future. Not only can it read all common 1D, PDF, 2D, and postal symbologies—it can also reliably read these codes from smartphone, tablet, and computer displays.

With innovative area imaging technology, snappy scanning is just the beginning. Capture real-time video and images, read multiple codes in a single scan, scan documents or ID cards, even perform advanced data parsing routines—all with one device.

Reliability for the Long Term

Performance isn’t just about speed; it's also about longevity in demanding environments. Here again, the SR31T sets a new ruggedness standard for general purpose devices, with an IP53 rating for protection against dust and water ingress, and an impressive two meter (6 ft) drop specification to concrete.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Integrating the SR31T into your environment is truly plug-and-play, thanks to its auto-adapting capabilities. Simply connect the scanner to the host device and start scanning. If new application requirements arise, just change out the interface cables—not the scanner itself. And there's no need to update the scanner configuration when interfaces change, because the SR31T is smart enough to adjust itself on-the-fly. This flexibility reduces device costs and complexity, both for you and your IT staff.

The SR31T also includes distinctive design elements that add to its versatility. Unique touches, like the over-sized LED light pipe on the scanner head, provide bright 360-degree feedback in any lighting condition—and its color can be personalized to match the décor of your environment.

A complete range of accessories ensure SR31T will fit into your scanning application. Scan stands and mounts enable hands-free presentation mode canning, and a variety of interface cables guarantee easy communication to your host device.

Scanner Configuration Made Easy

The SR31 can be quickly and easily customized with Intermec’s exclusive EasySet™ PC programming tool. In just a few clicks, this Windows-based utility can print configuration bar codes; adjust security settings; activate or disable symbologies; and alter beeper, vibrate or LED settings. Even sophisticated data editing routines can be set. When you’re satisfied with the settings, simply create a configuration bar code to quickly program additional scanners to match.


Motorola DS9208

Motorola DS9208
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Features and Benefits

Scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes on paper, mobile phones and computer displays

Scan virtually any bar code on any medium; supports the technology your customers are embracing — mobile bar codes

Sleek design and small footprint

Perfect in the most design conscious environments; most compact device in its class, fits in the most space constrained areas

Handheld and hands-free modes

Dual mode functionality saves time; keeps lines moving; reduces the need to lift heavy items

Picklist mode

Select and scan a single bar code from a bar code menu or “picklist” — ideal for items that are too small for bar code labels

Driver’s licence parsing (optional)

Captures information from driver’s licences, enabling fast auto-population of loyalty and credit card applications, increasing enrollment

Multi-code mode

Allows simultaneous scanning of a group of bar codes and reports only the selected bar code(s) in a pre-selected order

Industry-first spherical exit window

Improves scanning performance by minimizing stray light and reducing reflections to the imaging sensor

Omnidirectional scanning; supports all common interfaces

Eliminates the need to align bar code and scanner; easy integration into current or future environments

5 ft./1.5 m drop spec and recessed exit window

Increased durability; prevents nicks and scratches that could degrade performance

Compatible with 123Scan2 and Remote Scanner Management (RSM)

Reduces management time and cost, from initial configuration to day-to-day management