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Rugged mobile information collection unit


  • Mobile Hybrid Computer combines bar code and UHF RFID automated data capture technologies
  • UHF RFID supports multiple EPC protocols
  • Tag read rates provide a flexible solution item level inventories or pallet verification
  • Design accommodates future RFID and antenna for tailored applications
  • Standard, Long Range, Advanced Long Range Integrated Laser Scanner and Imager Options
  • Supports Cisco Aironet (802.11b)

On the Reading Edge
The Falcon® 5500 provides a flexible tool that quickly and accurately inventories RFID tagged merchandise at the item level. The device is targeted at specialty retailers implementing new ways of improving the consumer experience through inventory management. Process innovation allows this device to aid in reducing of out-of-stocks, increasing inventory turns, and improving order-fill rates. The Falcon 5500 is a Mobile Hybrid Computer combining bar code and multi protocol UHF RFID data capture capabilities in a flexible wireless device.

Industry mandates have highlighted RFID as a technology that will enable process change. Retailers and Supply Chain facilities expect RFID to reduce of out-of-stocks, increase inventory turns, improve order-fill rates, reduce warehouse operation costs and improve the consumer experience. The Falcon 5500 is the solution to accomplish these goals.

The Falcon 5500 provides a flexible tool that quickly and accurately inventories RFID tagged product at the item, case and pallet level. Read rates of EPC Class 0 tags have been clocked at over 400 tags in 90 seconds or less with better than 99% accuracy. In comparison, this same inventory with bar code would take between 10 and 25 minutes. Performing an inventory at this speed enables frequent and regular inventory collection, increased efficiency at receiving and shipping, and the ability to find misplaced items rapidly.

The Falcon 5500 Mobile Hybrid Computer combines bar code and UHF RFID data capture capabilities in a single device. Co-locating these technologies gives the developer a technology choice dependent on the process, application or environmental needs. The bar code scanner also serves as a back up to dysfunctional RFID tags. The Falcon 5500 uses a multi protocol RFID interrogator. This allows receiving docks with a wide variety of product sources to accept a diverse set of tags customized for the product material or packaging.

As a mobile solution, the Falcon 5500 leverages distributed intelligence to minimize infrastructure costs. The Falcon 5500 encourages innovation and experimentation by providing a tool the user can easily manipulate. The Falcon Software Developers Kit delivers the ability to tailor make applications to new processes.

Features      Benefits
High read rate and accuracy
  • Increased efficiency at receiving and shipping
  • Frequent and regular inventory collection
  • Ability to find misplaced items rapidly
  • Allows customer flexibility in tag purchase decisions
  • Provides a usable tool in a mixed tag environment
Mobile Hybrid Computer
  • Bar code and RFID in the same package serve as mutual back ups
  • Minimizes infrastructure costs while encouraging experimentation

Falcon 5500 Specifications

Read Range

  • 5'

Write Range

  • 6"


  • Length: 9.2" / 23.3 cm
  • Width at display: 3.4” / 8.6 cm
  • Width at grip: 2.5” / 6.4 cm
  • Height at grip: 1.7" / 4.3 cm


  • 43 oz. / 1.22 kg


  • 3.5” active matrix TFT QVGA display
  • 320 x 240, pixels
  • 64K colors


  • Good read LED
  • scan LED


  • 26-Key Standard Alphanumeric, 5 dedicated function keys, 5 shifted, navigation rocker
  • 52-Key Full Alphanumeric, 5 dedicated function keys, 15 shifted, navigation rocker, 5250 support


  • Industrial, polycarbonate/ABS-blend plastic


Temperature Rating

  • Operating: 14° to 122° F / -10° to 50° C
  • Storage: -13° to 158° F / -25° to 70° C


  • 5 to 95% NC


  • Multiple 4.0’ / 1.2m drops to concrete


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