Sbarco T43R

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  • Little giant 
  • Care label printer 


T43R Care label printer

Little giant care label printer


Industrial printer for care label? You have another choice for care label printer, SBARCO T43R.

SBARCO releases a model, T43R, for care label printer total solution. T43R is equipped exclusive cutter, label stacker and holder which make the care label be printed and cut correctly without shifting and sticking problem during the printing process. The minimum cutting length is 10mm. 300 dpi printing resolution can print very fine characters, graphics and barcode.

T43R overturns the concept of care label printer, a desktop printer can do the same work as industrial printer, even it is the most cost-effective.



T43R Care label printer

Total solution for care label printer
 300 dpi printhead resolution for finest characters and graphics
 Exclusive label holder, stacker and cutter
 No shifting, no sticking in printing care label
 LCD monitor for selecting stored care label forms for standalone operation
 10mm min. cutting length
 No sticking on 76mm. in printing and cutting width
 SD card and internal memory support hundreds forms
 The most cost-effective care label printer



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