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  • Most cost-effective, Most desiring printer


    SBARCO is pleased to announce the new release T4e desktop barcode label printer. It is set for the high performance and lower price to customers.

    T4e is equipped with a 32 bit microprocessor for the faster printing job; T4e offers a standard memory 4MB Flash ROM and 8MB SDRAM; it is built with the most common communication ports, USB master and USB slave interfaces which can connect directly with PC or scanner for Scan to Print function; 4 function keys and one red LED light can easily operate the printer and show the error status.

    Eventhough T4e is a cost-effective barcode label printer, SBARCO provides also a utility shown the instant message when error status occurs. This function can make the users understand immediately the printer conditions.

    The best choice of barcode label printer is SBARCO T4e.



    T4e Desktop label printer


     4MB Flash memory, 8MB SDRAM
     4 LED buttons indication
     USB master and slave port, Serial port, Ethernet port (option)
     Movealbe reflective sensor
     Easy paper and ribbon loading
     Scanner with USB interface for Scan to Print operation




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