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  • It's small, but BIG 
  • Very cost effective


T4 Desktop label printer

The T4 printer is a cost-effective desktop printer, that comes with industrial level equipment and high performance. A compact size printer, that's small, but big.

Graphical User Interface in LCD display makes the menu friendly to users; Four LED buttons allow easy operation; Multiple communication ports fit different interfaces; USB keyboard or scanner works with LCD for stand alone operation; SD slot enlarges the data storage; Real time clock is built-in for time and date printing application; Buzzer sound warns the users at noisy work places; Adjustable see-through and reflective sensor detects labels without mistakes.

With the high printing quality, reliability and durability, T4 is the best choice for all ranges of application.


4MB Flash memory, 8MB SDRAM
128 x 64 dots LCD with graphical icons
4 LED button indication
Multiple communication ports for the most application, USB (master, slave), serial and parallel
Buzzer with red flash light for noisy work places
SD card slot for expandable storage, up to 4GB
Adjustable see-through and reflective sensor
Easy paper and ribbon loading
Keyboard or scanner with USB interface for stand alone operation



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