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Mini is now micro. Ease of use is now intuitive. Performance is now available in any configuration. Barcode reading and machine vision are now possible on a single device so accessible, you already know how to do the incredible. Meet MicroHAWK, the next generation of industrial imaging devices. With the highest-performance imaging engine in its class at the core, MicroHAWK offers an array of modular hardware options to take on any OEM and factory automation task with three micro-form-factor cameras. Choose your software experience from basic decoding to complex inspection, plug and power, and instantly outperform the competition out of the box.


World's smallest industrial barcode readers and machine vision smart cameras
Read any barcode printed or marked; perform complex inspection or vision-based automation
Choose your integrated hardware: lens, lighting, sensor, speed, focus, and more
Choose your software capability: web-based barcode reading, Auto ID+, or complete vision
High-Performance Barcode Reading   Complete Machine Vision inspection


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